Test Inputs

To test various scenarios, KOMOJU supports a handful of test card numbers and other payment method-specific inputs that simulate different outcomes.

Note that these only work in test mode. You're in test mode when you use the secret key of your test merchant. See Authentication.

Credit Card Numbers

Card NumberType
378282246310005American Express
30569309025904Diners Club
4123111111111000Insufficient funds
4123111111111018Exceeds card limit
4123111111111034Bad verification value
4123111111111042Card expired
4123111111111059Cannot use card
4123111111111067Invalid card

WebMoney Numbers

Card NumberType
1111111111111111WebMoney prepaid card with a 2000 yen balance
e111111111111112Invalid card number
e111111111111113Prepaid card has already been used
e111111111111114Card has been declined due to an unknown error

Alternative Payment Methods

Not all payment methods accept number inputs. Additionally, testing 3DS currently does not work with the above card numbers. In these cases, you can use the following HTTP header to simulate error responses in test mode:

Komoju-Scenario: insufficient_funds

This header can be passed when creating payments, sessions, or customers.

  • When passed during payment creation, the payment will immediately fail with the given error.
  • When passed during session creation, all future attempts to pay will fail with the given error.
  • When passed during customer creation, all attempts to use that customer to pay will fail with the given error.