Fraud Details

Similar to Payment Details, KOMOJU uses a common object called fraud_details. This contains personal information about your customer that can help us determine the legitimacy of a transaction. Passing this whenever possible is recommended to reduce chargebacks.

APIs That Use Fraud Details

Payment: Create

Session: Pay

The fraud_details Object

Any time you see fraud_details in an API request, we expect the following format. Note that all of these are optional unless stated otherwise.

Request AttributeTypeDescription
fraud_details[customer_ip]stringIPv4 or IPv6-formatted IP address of the customer at the time of payment. Required.
fraud_details[customer_email]stringThe customer's email address. If email was specified on the Session or Payment object, fraud_details[customer_email] will default to that value. Required.
fraud_details[customer_id]stringArbitrary unique identifier for your customer. If your system has the concept of user accounts, then the ID of the current logged in user would be appropriate.
fraud_details[browser_language]stringCustomer's current language setting.
fraud_details[browser_user_agent]stringUser-Agent string.
fraud_details[browser_session_id]stringA unique identifier for the current browser session. We expect this to behave similarly to the lifetime of [window.sessionStorage]( in a web browsing context.
fraud_details[phone]stringThe phone number of the end customer.