Platform Merchant (Platform Business) onboarding

Register a Platform Merchant (Platform Business) account for your business entity

Get started

The first step to adopt Platform Use Case is registering a "Platform Merchant (Platform Business)" merchant account for your business entity.

Key prerequisites:

  1. We only accept Japanese entities (including Corporations and Sole Proprietorships) to register a Platform Merchant account.
  2. You must have a Japanese Bank Account to receive payouts in JPY from KOMOJU.

1. Get credentials

Contact our Account Manager or inquiry form to ask for credentials to log in to KOMOJU's dashboard to access the "Test" environment.

2. Integrate APIs

Integrate Platform Model APIs and create mock Seller Merchant accounts under your Platform Merchant account via our APIs, and execute further tests to ensure the integration goes well.

Please ensure you acquire the following capabilities after integrating our APIs:

After you complete tests on your side in the "Test" environment, you can forward to the next step.

3. Submit Live Application

Now, you should initiate the live application procedure on KOMOJU Dashboard. During the procedure, KOMOJU will need to collect the required information about your business entity to ensure both of us are compliant. On the KOMOJU Dashboard, you need to submit mainly five categories of information

  1. Company Information
    1. Including General Company Information, Company/Business Address, Business Information and Contact Information.
    2. Also, you need to consent to 1) KOMOJU Merchant Services Terms of Use, 2) Special provisions on Platform Merchant agreement
  2. Personal Information
    1. Including Representative Director information, Residence Address of the Representative Director, Applicant Information, and copies of the Identity Document.
  3. Site Information
    1. Provide the basic information about your site.
  4. Bank Account
    1. Provide the information about your company's Japanese Bank Account for receiving payouts.
  5. Common Payment Methods
    1. You'll need to specify from which payment methods you'll allow your Seller Merchant to select. Learn more about Common Payment Methods here.

Once you complete the application, KOMOJU will start reviewing your submission.

4. Pass the review and access the Live environment

Once you pass KOMOJU's review, you'll be able to access "Live" environment. From this moment, you're good to onboard your real sellers and process actual payments via the APIs you integrated in "2. Integrate APIs" above.