Payout to you and your sub-merchants

Platforms and Marketplaces can specify payout settings of them and their sub-merchants

As a Platform Merchant (Platform Business) or Platform Merchant (Marketplace Business), you can specify how frequently the funds in your balance and your sub-merchant's balances are automatically paid out to your bank account and their bank accounts respectively.

Payout settings

(1) For your account

You can specify the Payout Frequency and Minimum Settlement Amount in KOMOJU Dashboard (reference)

(2) For your sub-merchant

Currently, Platform Model only supports JPY-processing payments, so a sub-merchant may have funds in JPY currency balance only. According to that, you'll be able to update the following aspects of JPY currency balance for every sub-merchant by requesting Balance: Edit Settings API.

  • Payout Frequency via frequency
  • Minimum Settlement Amount via settlement_minimum_amount

Besides, you can request Balance: Show Settings to check the payout setting of each sub-merchant.


Platform Merchant and each sub-merchant have own payout settings

The Payout Frequency and Minimum Settlement Amount are set under each merchant account independently, which means sub-merchant doesn't need to follow those of Platform Merchant and vice versa.

Payout Frequency

There are two options in frequencyattribute, weekly and monthly, apply to both Platform Merchant and sub-merchant.

  • Weekly Payout: Every Friday, the transactions captured between the Saturday before the last one and the last Friday will be paid.
  • Monthly payout: At the end of the month, the transactions captured during the previous month will be paid.

Please note that if the payment date is a holiday in Japan, the transfer will be made on the next business day (of the financial institution).

If you change the payout frequency of your account or your sub-merchant's account, please be aware that:

  • If the payout cycle is changed from monthly to weekly, the new payout cycle will apply from the following month.
  • If the payout cycle is changed from weekly to monthly, the change will be applied to the following week's transactions.
  • If the merchant account hasn't had any transactions, the change will apply immediately.


If you change your payout schedule from "Monthly" to "Weekly" in July, your July sales will be paid at the end of the following month (August 31) as usual. Sales proceeds after August 1, when the changes take effect, will be calculated on Friday and credited the following week on August 14.

Minimum settlement amount

Via settlement_minimum_amountattribute, you can set up the minimum threshold to execute the payout.

For example, you set ¥100,000 as the minimum settlement amount for your sub-merchant. Assuming the cut-off date comes and the aggregation of the outstanding balance is ¥50,000, KOMOJU will skip this payout cycle and keep that ¥50,000 in sub-merchant's balance.