Supported Payment Methods

KOMOJU supports multiple payment methods, which are outlined below.


Logo Name Slug Currency (Processing) Minimum Value Maximum Value
Visa, Mastercard Visa / MasterCard credit_card JPY, USD, EUR, TWD, CNY, HKD,
1 JPY or equivalent in foreign currency. Depending on card limit
Jcb Amex / Diners / JCB credit_card JPY 1 JPY Depending on card limit
Konbini Konbini konbini JPY 1 JPY 300,000 JPY
pay-easy Pay-Easy pay_easy JPY 1 JPY 999,999 JPY
line-pay LINE Pay linepay JPY 1 JPY 1,000,000 JPY
merpay Merpay merpay JPY 1 JPY 1,000,000 JPY
paypay PayPay paypay JPY 1 JPY 500,000 JPY total per 24 hour period (and other payment limits set by PayPay apply)
rakutenpay Rakuten Pay rakutenpay JPY 100 JPY 9,999,999 JPY
paidy Paidy paidy JPY 1 JPY 1,000,000 JPY
web-money WebMoney web_money JPY 1 JPY 20,000 JPY
bit-cash BitCash bit_cash JPY 1 JPY 20,000 JPY
net-cash NET CASH net_cash JPY 1 JPY 20,000 JPY
bank-transfer Bank Transfer (Domestic) bank_transfer JPY 1 JPY No upper limit
au, docomo, softbank Carrier Billing japan_mobile JPY 1 JPY 100,000 JPY


Logo Name Slug Currency (Processing) Minimum Value Maximum Value
krcard Local Credit Card credit_card KRW 1 KRW Depending on card limit
toss Toss toss KRW 1 KRW 2,000,000 KRW
payco PAYCO payco KRW 1 KRW Depending on wallet limit
culturevoucher Culture Voucher culture_voucher KRW 1 KRW 50,000 KRW
happymoney Happy Money happy_money KRW 1 KRW 50,000 KRW
koreamobile Carrier Billing mobile KRW 1 KRW Depending on mobile carrier


Logo Name Slug Currency (Processing) Minimum Value Maximum Value
ideal iDEAL (Netherlands) ideal EUR 0.01 EUR Depending on customer's bank
bancontact Bancontact (Belgium) bancontact EUR 0.01 EUR No upper limit
giropay Giropay (Germany) giropay EUR 1.00 EUR No upper limit
eps EPS (Austria) eps EUR 1.00 EUR No upper limit
blik BLIK (Poland) blik PLN 0.01 PLN 10.000 PLN
przelew24 Przelewy24 (Poland) przelewy24 PLN 0.01 PLN 55,000 PLN
mb Multibanco (Portugal) multibanco EUR 0.01 EUR 99,999.99 EUR
mybank MyBank (Italy) mybank EUR 0.01 EUR Depending on customer's bank
sofort Sofort (EU) sofortbanking EUR 1 EUR 5,000 EUR
paysafecard Paysafecard (EU) paysafecard EUR 0.01 EUR 100 EUR
paysafecash Paysafecash (EU) paysafecash EUR 0.01 EUR 999.99 EUR


Logo Name Slug Currency (Processing) Minimum Value Maximum Value
alipay Alipay alipay USD, EUR, JPY 0.1 CNY Depending on card limit
wechatpay WeChat Pay wechatpay USD, EUR 0.1 CNY 50,000 CNY per transaction
unionpay UnionPay unionpay USD, EUR 0.1 CNY 300,000 CNY per card, per day

Southeast Asia

Logo Name Slug Currency (Processing) Minimum Value Maximum Value
doku_wallet DOKU Wallet doku_wallet IDR 10,000 IDR Depending on customer's KYC status
dragonpay Dragonpay dragonpay PHP 50.01 PHP Depending on the bank
enets eNETS enets SGD 5.01 SGD Depending on customer's bank
fpx FPX Online Banking fpx MYR 1.00 MYR Depending on customer's bank, up to 30,000 MYR
grabpayotp GrabPay Singapore grabpayotp SGD 0.01 SGD 5,000 SGD per transaction
ovo OVO ovo IDR 10,000 IDR Depending on customer's KYC status

Payment Method Overview


Credit Card

Our credit card gateway supports Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB for local acquiring in Japan. Increase your authorisation rates by using our local acquiring platform. For our Visa and MasterCard card processing are available in multiple currencies (JPY, USD, EUR, TWD, GBP, CNY, HKD, SGD, NZD, AUD, CHF, CAD, PHP, IDR, MYR, THB, VND), and American Express and JCB are available in JPY only. In addtion, the merchant must be registered in Japan in order to use this payment method.

Convenience Store (Konbini)

KOMOJU handles delayed payment options, including Konbini, which is very popular in Japan for its security, anonymity and convenience.

Payments can be made at the following stores:

English Name Japanese Name API Value
Daily Yamazaki デイリーヤマザキ daily-yamazaki
Family Mart ファミリーマート family-mart
Lawson ローソン lawson
Ministop ミニストップ ministop
Seicomart セイコーマート seicomart
7-Eleven セブンイレブン seven-eleven

When the customer pays at the store for a convenience store purchase, they are charged a fixed processing fee which is standard in Japan.

Prepaid Cards

KOMOJU supports various prepaid cards and online wallets. Currently our system supports BitCash, NET CASH and Webmoney. These prepaid cards can be purchased at many stores here in Japan. Prepaid cards are popular for sites relating to games, anime, manga, etc.

Bank Transfer

Bank Transfer is an electronic funds transfer between two bank accounts. This payment option is popular with customers making large payments. Customers can either remit at an ATM or via online banking to complete the payment process.


PayEasy Japan has 7.5 million registered users and is completely seperate from PayEasy international. We work closely with the PayEasy team and they regularly feature our clients in targeted promotions to their user database.

Like Convenience Store payments, the customer is charged a fixed processing fee when they pay for a PayEasy purchase.

Mobile Payments

We support these mobile payments.

ID Payments

We support these ID payments.

BNPL Payments

We support these BNPL payments.


Credit Card

Our Korean credit card processing supports all major local card brands in Korea, and co-branded international card brands. Our Korean credit card gateway supports KRW processing, and supports all the local authentication mechanisms for optimal security.


Toss is a popular mobile wallet that is used by many Korean consumers. Toss allows the consumer to pay by bank, credit card or balance. The payment process is completed by scanning a QR code or entering the associated mobile number. Toss rewards its users with points whenever they use the Toss app.


Payco is a mobile wallet in Korea that is similar to Toss. By scanning a QR code, the customer can complete the payments in real-time. Payco can also be used for POS payments or payments through Samsung Pay.

Culture Voucher

Culture Voucher is a popular online payment method for digital goods in Korea. It requires the user to register an account and recharge the card points before making a payment. Culture Voucher is often used for digital goods and contents such as games, music, DVDs and video services.

Happy Money

Happy Money is a similar type of payment method like Culture Voucher, where the customer purchases pre-paid vouchers which can then be used to make online purchases. This payment method is popular for the purchase of digital goods and services and caters to a younger audience.

Carrier Billing

Carrier billing uses the customers mobile phone bill to complete a payment. Carrier billing can be used with the major Korean carriers and can be used as an alternative payment method.



iDEAL, launched in 2005, provides a payment guarantee to merchants while enabling consumers to pay online through their mobile banking app or online bank account. iDEAL is based on the SEPA credit transfer and seamlessly integrates with the online banking systems offered by banks. It is now the most successful and most used payment method in the Netherlands, experiencing continuous growth; in 2020, a 25% year on year increase led to 890 million transactions totalling EUR 70 billion (Dutch Payments Association).


Founded in 1989, and now a brand from the Bancontact Payconiq Company, Bancontact makes it possible to pay directly through the online payment systems of all major Belgian banks for customers with Bancontact payment cards. Bancontact is the Belgian market leader in electronic payment services, with 20 Belgian banks issuing Bancontact cards. At checkout, the consumer enters their card details or scans the QR code, then authorises payment.


With giropay, consumers are using their bank's secure online banking: their bank account information and transaction details remain fully protected and secure. When consumers check out, they can use giropay directly without any additional registration. According to giropay, the payment method supports nearly all banks in Germany, and there are over 45 million online banking customers who use it (54% overall population).


The main bank transfer payment method in Austria is eps, developed jointly by Austrian banks and the government, enabling consumers to pay securely for online purchases using their own trusted online bank. With 83% of Austrians shopping cross border and bank transfer the preferred payment method in Austria, eps is a critical payment method in the DACH region.


Introduced in 2015, and created and developed in Poland, BLIK is a must-have local payment method for e-commerce sites in Poland. BLIK is a mobile payment service with a unique model of cooperation between banks, payment acquirers and merchants. BLIK is available to smartphone users who have installed mobile banking apps from participating banks. The consumer provides their BLIK code to authenticate in the BLIK system and confirms payment within their banking app.


Founded in 2004, Przelewy24 is a Poland-based real-time online bank transfer payment method, often referred to as P24. Przelewy24 operates in partnership with all Polish banks.


Owned and operated by Sociedade Interbancária de Serviços S.A., or SIBS, Multibanco enables consumers to pay by bank transfer or with a Multibanco card at an ATM. Multibanco is available at over 11,000 machines spread across the country in strategic spots such as supermarkets, airports, museums, stations, banks and malls. Multibanco is a core payment method for Portuguese consumers, where they can use Multibanco to pay for a range of goods/services including e-commerce, licences and taxes.


Operated by PRETA S.A.S, MyBank is owned by EBA Clearing, a provider of pan-European payment infrastructure services controlled by 52 banks. MyBank enables consumers to pay directly from their online banking through an immediate bank transfer - with the highest security and transparency standards. MyBank is available on a wide range of sites for the purchase of products, services and for payments towards public administration entities. MyBank positions itself as a flexible solution for both B2B and B2C businesses: over 210 banks and PSPs have joined the MyBank network throughout Europe.


Sofort GmbH has been part of the Klarna Group since 2014. In August 2017, Klarna made major changes to their design and visually integrated the Sofortüberweisung payment method into the Klarna product range. With Sofort, security-conscious consumers use their own online banking details, entered through the secure payment page of Sofort. Once logged in, a one-time confirmation code is used by the consumer to authorise payment.


paysafecard is a prepaid, online payment method based on vouchers, which are independent of bank account, credit card, or other personal details. paysafecard operates a dense distribution network, with over 660,000 points of sale across 50 countries. Vouchers are available at top tier sales outlets, which vary by country, including: 7-Eleven, OXXO, Shell, Statoil and SPAR. With the search feature on the paysafecard site or the app, consumers can find the nearest sales outlet quickly and easily.


Paysafecash ‘brings cash online’, enabling consumers who want to pay online easily and safely using cash. It makes online shopping possible for underbanked consumers who do not have credit cards nor bank accounts, and for those who do not want to disclose sensitive financial data. With Paysafecash, it’s as easy as 1-2-3: consumers check out, log in to get a barcode and find a payment point to settle transactions in cash. Paysafecash payment points include convenience stores, kiosks, petrol stations and post offices.



As the most popular online wallet in China, Alipay hold over 55% of mainland Chinese wallet market share ( iResearch Consulting Group) and count over 1.3 billion active users as of March 2020 (Alipay). According to Alipay, as of June 2020, the company had processed USD 17 trillion worth of transactions in mainland China over the course of a year. Mainland Chinese consumers increasingly buy from global brands, especially in the luxury, retail and international travel segments. A must for brands who want to attract mainland Chinese consumers, Alipay’s frictionless user experience unlocks a high conversion rate at checkout.

WeChat Pay

One of China’s leading online wallets, WeChat Pay holds over 38% of mainland Chinese wallet share (iResearch Group) and counts over 800 million active users (Tencent). WeChat Pay supports e-commerce, peer-to-peer and online payments, as well as in-store transactions and cash withdrawals. Global brands are gaining huge popularity in China, and WeChat Pay is a must for brands who want to attract online mainland Chinese consumers. With Native Pay, the consumer scans the QR code with their WeChat app and authorises payment.


With more than 7.5 billion cards issued globally, UnionPay (also known as China UnionPay and its subsidiary, UnionPay International), is the largest card network in the world and the most commonly accepted payment method in mainland China. This card base opens up a huge opportunity for merchants to sell to consumers across more than 50 UnionPay card-issuing countries. The UnionPay mobile app supports QR code payments and is available to residents of China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Southeast Asia

DOKU Wallet

As the only company to hold four operating licenses from the Bank of Indonesia, DOKU is the leading local e-wallet in Indonesia with over 2.5 million users. Users can top up their DOKU e-Wallet via credit card or cash. DOKU Wallet enables Indonesian consumers, even the ones without a bank account, to shop online and pay using their digital wallet. Payment is made with customers logging into a personal account by using login credentials and a password.

DOKU Wallet is currently only available via our Hosted Page API. In addition to the customer's valid email, DOKU Wallet requires a list of the customer's order items. Each item should have the following fields: description, amount and quantity. Please see the here for how to pass order items via our Hosted Page API.


Established in 2010, Dragonpay provides unbanked consumers a convenient option to transact, which allows merchants, retailers and organisations through a secured digital platform. Today, it provides a broad range of secure payment solutions to businesses of all sizes. Through Dragonpay, customers can purchase goods or services online, and pay for them using cash at physical, brick-and-mortar payment counters, ATM’s, mobile wallets or through online bank debit.


eNETS is the online payment of NETS, a Singaporean payment service provider was founded in 1985 by a consortium of local banks to establish the debit network and drive the adoption of electronic payments in Singapore. It enables payment from all major credit cards and currencies as well as Direct Debit (internet banking payments) from the major banks in Singapore and China, including DBS (Singapore and Hong Kong), UOB, OCBC, Citibank and BNU.

FPX Online Banking

Financial Process Exchange (FPX) is a Malaysian internet based payment gateway that allows real-time payments for online purchases or bill payments. Customers need only their banking accounts to make payments whenever they shop at online stores or websites. During checkout, customers select the FPX logo, log into their chosen banking environment, select the account from which they wish to pay, review the details and enter a one-time passcode sent via SMS to authorise the payment. Customers are then re-directed back to the merchant page and receive confirmation of the payment and order.

GrabPay Singapore

GrabPay is the e-wallet service of Grab, Southeast Asia's leading superapp. Grab provides everyday services like deliveries, mobility, financial services, and more. There are over 4 million Grab users in Singapore, and 75% are already using GrabPay daily. With over 4,000 merchants across the GrabPay network in Singapore, consumers can use GrabPay to make money transfers and payments via QR code in retail stores, food stalls, and e-commerce shops.


OVO, officially PT Visionet Internasional, is a digital payment service based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Established in 2017 with an e-money license from Bank Indonesia, in 2019 OVO was recognized as Indonesia's first fintech unicorn and the nation's leading digital payment service in Indonesia. OVO has 2 types of membership, namely OVO Club and OVO Premier. OVO Club members have a maximum balance of IDR 2,000,000 and maximum top up of IDR 1,000,000. OVO Premier allows maximum balance and maximum top up of IDR 10,000,000, as well as free transfers between users and to all banks.

OVO is currently only available via our Hosted Page API. In addition to the customer's valid email, OVO requires a list of the customer's order items. Each item should have the following fields: description, amount and quantity. Please see the here for how to pass order items via our Hosted Page API.